My business can have 0% perceived downtime by my customers – can you offer that service?

Banks have been unable to give PrimoPay, or our wholesaler, service uptime guarantees.

Due to this we invented the batching and tokens process that allows you to store declines due to bank error, and process them lateer.

This results in zero perceived downtime to your customers.

Batching and Tokens are advanced tools, it is best to contact us on (08) 8534 4263 to discuss your exact needs.


What is your Maintenance Window?

We generally upgrade our servers between 2am and 4am Sydney Time. As we have two gateways, we patch one, then the other meaning that often downtime is not experienced.

If downtime will be experienced, we will advise you via email or phone.

If you absolutely can have no downtime, we suggest that you look at our batching tool.