Tokens  allows you to process many transactions without storing credit card details.

Token Payments Direct has been designed in response to the overwhelming process involved with PCI/DSS compliance for all merchants.

Token Payments Direct allows merchants to upload credit card numbers onto our system for secure storage. PrimoPay then encrypts the credit card number so that it is rendered useless to anyone except the merchant. PrimoPay provides the merchant with a “token” that represents the credit card number provided. The merchant uses this “token” to process payments.

This solution is ideal for merchants who are required to store credit card numbers to enable regular payment.

Token Payments Direct meets the PCI/DSS requirement to securely manage your customers’ credit card information.

For more information on this solution for your business, please contact Andy Ide on 08 8534 4263 or [email protected].

Token Payments Direct is for:

  • The simplification of the overwhelming process involved with PCI/DSS compliance
  • for all Merchants
  • Mitigation of risk for storing Payment Details for Recurring / Membership / Subscription
  • orientated Merchants
  • Outsource large amount of PCI/DSS compliance to PrimoPay
  • Reduced cost of operation leveraging PrimoPay developed service
  • Using a Bank recognised secure solution